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Amanda Nisbet Design

Company Name:
Amanda Nisbet Design
Designer Names:
Amanda Nisbet
Contact Information:
1326 Madison Avenue #64
New York, NY 10128
Phone: 212-860-9133
Fax: 212-860-9104
Email: moc.ngisedtebsinadnamanull@ofni

Company Overview:

Founded in 1998, Amanda Nisbet Design has become Manhattan’s arbiter of enduring elegance. With a design portfolio that includes numerous high-end residential projects in the United States, Canada and Europe; her work fulfills her clients’ desire for refined, gorgeous environments while they timelessly endure to meet the demands family life requires of an interior.

Un-tethered by design rules, Amanda brings a fresh, energetic approach to the traditional sense of luxury. Color, texture, and form blend to create her trademark comfortable elegance. Her work seamlessly balances function and style, Classicism and Modernism in beautifully unexpected ways.

Use of Acrylic:

Rather than visually seize a space, acrylic nearly disappears and emanates light. I choose it for the sense of openness and circulation flow it facilitates as well as its pliability that gives way to versatility of form, something especially helpful in small spaces. Also, its sleekness and clarity of surface is the perfect compliment to textured materials. I am a firm believer in creating an enlivened, dynamic tension between the sexiness of acrylic and tactile, textural materials.

Plexi-Craft Testimonial:

With all the details involved and possibilities for things to go awry in this business, I continually rely on the integrity of Plexi-Craft’s commitment to get it done right and in a reasonable time frame. And of course because Plexi-craft is always up for any seemingly design challenge we may come up with!

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