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Enhance Our Existing Designs

enhance-sketch-dresserWe Tailor to Your Specs

  • A custom haute couture fitting from a Paris designer…
  • A bespoke suit from a Savile Row tailor in London…
  • Highly custom contemporary furniture in acrylic – from Plexi-Craft

When the look is important, you go to the source!

Customize Any Item to Meet Your Needs

We will expertly modify or scale any of our standard production items to match your vision. We can produce each design in any dimension, in different colors, in various thicknesses, or with other features you desire. There really are no limits!

Ready to Challenge Us?

Choose your preferred method to begin your custom acrylic order. You can:

  • Call 1-800-24-PLEXI to discuss your needs.
  • Email your images, photos, sketches, ideas or questions and we will respond with a quote.
  • Fax your information and we will respond appropriately. 

Need Additional ideas?

Take inspiration to a whole new level when you browse the recent orders for custom Plexiglas furniture submitted by our customers.