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Lynn Berman

“The real joy of working with plexi-craft is in the process… to the perfect result. Right from the first contact with Shirley, with her good humor, deep knowledge of the business and her easy communication of just what you can and cannot do with lucite…right through to the finished product, it’s fun! You always know they are going to do what they say they will…and if they need to discuss it, they call. As designers, this is what we all need…a team of craftsmen with skill and the understanding what follow-up mean for us and our clients! For us, as it would be for anyone who works with the firm, it is the definition of good job!!!!

Thanks, Plexicraft, for always making us look good!”

Lynn Berman
Irwin W. Berman, Inc.
Irwin W. Berman ASID

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