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Plexi-Craft exhibits at ICFF 2013 in NYC

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Exciting news! We are exhibiting work from four remarkable designers at the 2013 International Contemporary Furniture Fair, this May 18 -21 at the Javits Center in our home town of New York City. Stop by our booth #2448 to see the latest collaborations from top designers Timothy Whealon, Cheryl Riley, Peter Harrison, and James Michael.

In our booth this year:

  • Timothy Whealon’s acrylic Klismos chair – an elegant, timeless design that translates amazingly in acrylic
  • Cheryl Riley’s stunning new ARCHITECTURE TABLES which combine Plexiglas and the new method of 3-D CNC Machining with classic elements in timeless jewel tones
  • Peter Harrison is debuting a new acrylic twist on his popular Divergence Table – click here to learn more
  • James Michael will show his completely revolutionary Sun Lounger in crystal clear acrylic

We encourage you to stop by our booth to see these latest designs and to hear about special promotions and deals on these and other new product releases for 2013.

Save the Date for our October Showroom Open House!

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Plexi-Craft Open House October 23rd 5 – 8pm

Elle Decor Fetes the Etagere

November 4th, 2011 by plexicraft | Posted in Contemporary Design, Contemporary Furniture, Elle Decor, Furniture Design |

Thank you to Valerie Pasquiou and Timothy Corrigan for featuring in this month’s Elle Decor the wide array of designs and uses for étagerès.

Ms. Pasquiou applauds our standard étagerè for its “pared-down form” so it is “ideal for an apartment” and “sized for tight spaces.”  This étagerè also demonstrates one of the key benefits of lucite furniture, and Plexi-Craft’s products in particular: “At a distance it disappears, but up close the design is very interesting.”

As with all of the items in our catalog, Plexi-Craft can customize the étagerè to the dimensions or features you want.  We can make it wider, deeper, and/or taller to fit where you need it or hold what you have.  The étagerè can be made with thicker acrylic for a more impressive presentation, or to hold your collection of iron art work!  We can even change the design: solid sides, solid back, double width, etc.

Or, come up with a whole new étagerè design in acrylic.  As I discussed in a previous post, our professional designer clients are regularly asking us to interpret into lucite furniture designs currently constructed in wood, metal or other media.   Which of the étagerès in Pasquiou’s and Corrigan’s collection would you like to see in acrlyic?

One to One with Allen Frechter

March 16th, 2011 by plexicraft | Posted in Uncategorized |

Beth Cole was nice enough to give the owner of Plexi-Craft an interview and post this to the blog at One-Lily (our web designer and host).  Plexi-Craft’s web site – this one you are on now – is a great tool for our design partners.  We encourage you to use it to the fullest and help us grow it to be the best acrylic furniture resource on the internet.

Article below:

Allen Frechter is no stranger to the New York acrylic furniture company his family purchased in 1972, in fact he spent many hours as a kid alongside his brothers and cousins assembling furniture and marveling at the ways it could be put to use.

When his father passed away in 2007, Allen returned to his roots as he took over the leadership of Plexi-Craft and began to apply the marketing expertise he had gained in his career to the business.

“The first thing I did was figure out where our business was coming from. The majority of our products are custom made, 80% to be exact, and the rest are stock items. So our primary customers are interior designers, decorators and architects, with a secondary market of design-conscious consumers.”

Allen saw an opportunity with designers and began to change Plexi-Craft’s positioning to cater to designers.

“I scheduled meetings, found out what they read and what they want from a custom furniture company. I learned my design clients need better product shots and photos of the furniture in furnished settings. So that’s what we gave them. The results have been staggering.”

Since launching the website in 2010 the traffic has increased to over 7,000 unique monthly visitors and the company has a backlog of orders, a very good place in which to be. They are using a multi-channel marketing strategy including….

  • Direct mail postcards once per quarter to designers
  • Monthly email newsletter to designers and clients
  • Tweet updates
  • Facebook marketing
  • Reaching out to bloggers
  • Google ads

Allen has one simple piece of advice for those who are considering business ownership and that is,

“Understand your market and your customers. Find out what they need so you can surprise and delight them. One thing we have done is create a design community on our website where we feature designers and showcase their work. It has been a huge hit and something we want to continue to expand.”

That design community has also enabled Allen, a seasoned entrepreneur, to reach out and help designers with their own businesses. Allen provides mentorship and advice that comes from years of experience in developing sales, marketing, finance and human resource programs for his own companies. He now shares that knowledge through the web site, his blog and in-person with his customers.

Because of the website and market niche of designers, Plexi-Craft’s reach is not limited to New York City, they can work with designers across the US and around the world.

It’s made of what?!

March 3rd, 2011 by plexicraft | Posted in Contemporary Design, Contemporary Furniture, Furniture Design |

Ever look at a familiar object, do a double take, and say to yourself “Wait, that’s not right!”?  A house built of old rubber tires; a bamboo bicycle: Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

My daughter Serena and I get a kick out of watching Cake Boss and how Carlo’s Bakery has made a whole new media industry from baking all kinds of things with flour, sugar, butter and eggs.

So this got me thinking about how acrylic (Plexiglas and Lucite) has been used to make furniture that was traditionally made of other materials.  Plexi-Craft has been making the clear Steamer Trunk for decades.  Several years ago we introduced the King George Table with its Shaker-influenced legs.   Kawai’s Crystal Piano is an acrylic tour-de-force (pun attempted).   Last year’s Tron:Legacy sci-fi sequel featured “futuristic?” Queen Anne style chairs modernized with acrylic frames.

I have to admit that acrylic is a material we are used to seeing in furniture, so the leap from table or chair made of acrylic instead of wood is not as dramatic as a frock of your favorite luncheon meat.  But we are a creative crowd and we love to challenge our imaginations.  Let’s make a greater leap of traditional furnishings to see what can be made of acrylic.

What classic piece of furniture would you like to see made of acrylic?   My current project is an Adirondack Chair (look for this in the Spring of 2011).   And if that works out, we will try a steamer chair.  Perhaps not best for outdoor use, but will make a great light addition to an eclectic sunroom or contemporary beach house living room.

Send us your suggestions and ideas.  If we think it will fly, we’ll make it.